Seneca, SC Commercial Roofing

Seneca, SC Commercial Roofing

When it comes to commercial roofing, property managers can’t be overly careful with choosing the right contractor. An exceptional roofing contractor should have all necessary licenses, full insurance, a wealth of hands-on knowledge, and years of experience.

Family Roofing is fully licensed, fully insured and has over 25 years of experience in commercial roofing. For the businesses in Seneca, SC, Family Roofing is the roofing company to call. From new construction, re-roofing, and all commercial roofing repairs, Family Roofing provides outstanding work. We offer 24/7 emergency roofing services and even respond to storm damage calls immediately.

Family Roofing delivers commercial roofing in Seneca, SC with exceptional quality and outstanding customer service.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing serves many more functions than people might initially think. Of course, it serves as a shelter, but it should also prevent leaks, reduce slip-and-fall risks, and even keeps the building energy efficient.

Unfortunately, natural elements such as high winds, rain, and the sun eat away at even the most durable materials. Property owners and managers are often working to keep their buildings in peak condition, and Family Roofing is here to help.

A roofer places new shingles on a commercial roof.
If your building’s roof needs repair, contact the experts at Family Roofing for a free quote.

With a variety of services including:

  • Restoration
  • Puncture repair
  • Blistering repair
  • Expert flashing
  • New construction

When it comes to restoration and new construction the biggest concern that property managers have is the materials. Family Roofing can help any property manager decide which material is right for their needs and their building.

Built-Up Roofs

Built-up roofs are the general term for roofing materials including PVC and TPO. These materials rely on layers that can make it easier to repair later. Thermoplastic roofing is becoming a favorite among new builders as it’s exceptionally energy efficient.

TPO and other built-up roof materials can help keep your roof cool, ultimately lowering energy costs.

Metal Roofs

A traditional material for many buildings and warehouses, metal roofs help commercial structure obtain a sloped roof. As there’s little else to help direct water, many people turned to metal as a choice to keep water off the roof.

South Carolina is no stranger to heavy rainfall, and if you currently have a flat roof, you may want to consider a metal material to avoid ponding. In some cases, metal is no longer an option because of the structure of the building.

Metal roofs are losing their popularity as other, more energy-efficient options are now available.

EPDM Materials

EPDM roofing has claimed that the change in roofing can slash your cooling costs by as much as 15% within the first few months. But builders love EPDM roofing because of how much it guards against leaks. The entire roof is covered in a sealant that deflects water, removing the likelihood of water damage.

Additionally, EPDM roofing should last for a minimum of 20 years. That lifespan is something that many commercial property owners have dreamed of, and now it’s a reality.

Asphalt Materials

Another traditional material, asphalt, tar and gravel, style roofs have fallen slightly out of favor. Not only are they susceptible to corrosion, and ponding, but it also has a short life, and has become more expensive.

Asphalt materials are skyrocketing in price, and many property owners are opting to replace the roof with an alternative material or use a coating to secure the current roof for the next ten years or so.

Finally, asphalt materials are known to cause hot-roofs, which mean higher cooling costs and less energy-efficiency.


Family Roofing has the best contractors to call for any commercial roofing replacement in Seneca. Consistent quality in installing both flat and sloped roofing has established a reputation for outstanding service.

To get the best in the area, call Family Roofing. Our team of expert roofers will work with you to minimize the impact of a roof replacement on your daily operations. We ensure a clean work environment and strive to uphold the highest safety standards.

Flat Roofing

Whether you’re building, repairing or replacing, you are probably wondering what contractors do about flat roofing. Flat roofing is a popular commercial choice because they are easier to inspect, and generally easier to maintain.

Although flat roofs do come with their own set of issues, they are typically less expensive and can save a property owner a substantial amount of space. When compared to the sloped roof alternative, flat roofs can even provide greater structural integrity for larger buildings.

There is very little danger of falling off. It is even easier for other contractors and service people to use. When planning for electrical, or heating and air conditioning maintenance, many commercial jobs opt for flat roofs. Builders, contractors, and property managers prefer.

When it comes to the regular repairs, a property owner should expect ponding, leaks, and frequent inspections. In some cases, depending on the roofing material, flat roofs may be less energy efficient.

For your flat roof, you should schedule regular inspections, and repair leaks early to prevent further damage. Additionally, property managers should have a system in place to reduce ponding. For energy efficiency, you should consider using newer materials and staying away from traditional options.

Common Repairs

Flat roof, slightly pitched roof, metal or otherwise, your roof will eventually need repairs. In Seneca, SC the area experiences high-winds and regular rainfall which can lead to serious damage over the years.

The best way to understand what repairs your building’s roof needs is to schedule an inspection. An inspection with a professional roofing contractor will allow you to identify and prioritize some of your building’s regular maintenance jobs.

When you’re ready, contact Family Roofing for fast and thorough inspections. Then schedule your necessary repairs. With over 25 years of experience in commercial roofing, our team of experts can take on any job.

Water ponding on a roof. Family Roofing provides complete commercial roofing services in Seneca, SC.


Probably the most problematic issue for commercial buildings is ponding. Ponding is what happens when water pools and then stands on your roof. It doesn’t just happen when it rains either. As most commercial buildings have their HVAC units on flat roofs, debris and poor drainage can lead to ponding.

When you notice ponding, you can do a few things to help it right away. First, remove any debris from the area. A clean roof is the best way to ensure your roof lasts for as long as possible. Second, unclog any drains. If you notice leaking from an HVAC unit or pipe, contact your contractor immediately.

If ponding is ongoing, then there may already be further damage. Ponding can lead to excessive leaking, creating a safety risk within your building. Additionally, leaking can reduce your inventory and damage heavy machinery.


Hail, wildlife and other unexpected elements can puncture even the most durable roofing materials. EPDM roofing, TPO, asphalt, and metal all fall prey to punctures. If you’re regularly walking on your roof, that could even lead to punctures.

The best way to deal with punctures is to patch it immediately. Family Roofing’s expert roof contractors know how to patch existing holes with new roofing material or solve the problem with welding.


Blister or ridges, whatever you call them it’s a sign of substantial heat or water damage to your roof. Over time a roof can take on the water between its many layers. This often leads to blistering as well as unseen water damage.

Built-up roofs are the most susceptible to this type of damage as they have several layers and any crack or hole int he coating opens the underlying layers.

Expert roofers can cut into the roofing membrane, relieve the tension, and torch down a patch to correct the blistered area. Correcting blistering is not a purely cosmetic repair. The concept is that you’re putting a stop to damage spreading.

Clogged Drains

Downspouts and gutters are your best defense against water damage after heavy rain. It’s best to have your gutters cleaned regularly. For some companies, this task is a low priority until they have extensive roof damage.

Family Roofing offers drain services to prevent damage. When systems back-up with sludge, debris, and ice, roofing repair professionals know that cracks, leaks, and infestation are not far behind.

Clogged drains not only lead to water damage, but they invite in insects. Most often infestations begin because of poorly maintained roofing.


Flashing is a system that helps direct water. On sloped roofs, you can often see flashing elements running down the angles of the roof. However, on flat roofs, it’s not always so present.1

The flashing on any roof is where the material meets the rubber. On flat roofs, you’ll often find this around skylights, and roof-set cooling systems. The flashing acts as a transition but upholds the structural integrity. Essentially it seals off the possibility of leaking through areas that without flashing would be at a high-risk for water damage.

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