Residential Roofing Oconee, SC

Residential Roofing Oconee, SC

With over 25 years of excellence, Family Roofing in Oconee continues to impress homeowners. We value customer service and have a staff of friendly roofing experts. Not only do they know how to handle the effects of South Carolina’s rough climate and harsh weather, they know how to do it safely.

Repairing roofs, constructing new roofs, and doing complete re-roofing jobs are part of our regular tasks. As a fully licensed and insured roofing company, we only deliver the best — top-quality results from a company that focuses on helping the homeowner.

Oconee County’s Safest Roofing Team

You will have a hard time finding contractors in Oconee that meet our standards of excellence. We’ve spent years building up a team of roofing and carpentry experts that focus on safety. As a full-service roofing company we are well aware of the common dangers that come with our industry.

Our staff takes great care to work in safe manners, meeting all OSHA expectations. We strive to keep every work area clean, greatly reducing the chances of injury. As the safest roofing company in Oconee County, you can rest easy putting our team on the job.

Roofing Services We Provide

Family Roofing provides a well-rounded variety of roofing services to homeowners throughout the Oconee area. We aim to serve our community by providing excellent craftsmanship in every project. We provide formal inspections for all property owners, whether you’re in the midst of a real estate transaction or want to know more about the state of your roof.

Additionally, we take on large jobs such as new construction and re-roofing as well. Our team of roofing experts tackles these jobs with a focus on safety and quality. Family Roofing in Oconee also provides more standard services such as shingle replacement, and gutter maintenance.

We provide the necessary materials and ensure that you are part of the process at every step. Our roofing contractors in Oconee will begin every job with an in-depth consultation where you can elaborate on your concerns with design and safety. Finally, we always ensure a completely safe environment for our workers and the people living in the home.

Shingle Replacement Service

Professional roofer replacing shingles
If you need help with shingle replacement, contact us today!

Shingles protect your home from harmful UV rays, wind damage, and more. But shingles are susceptible to mold, cracking and even coming loose in the wind. How do you know if it’s time to schedule a shingle replacement service?

If you can see bald patches, curling shingle tiles or cracking, then you need an expert to help you with roof repair. When shingles have damage, they are unable to protect the underlying layer form rain, snow, or other natural elements.

To protect your roof and ensure that it stays in good condition for years to come, have your shingles replaced annually. A yearly inspection with shingle replacement can help extend the life of your roof. Schedule shingle replacement at a time that works well for you and your household.

Gutter Maintenance Systems

The task that every homeowner dreads. Don’t let your gutter go unkempt because you don’t have the desire or time to take care of them. Instead, hire a professional roofer to manage your gutters for you.

When left uncleaned, your gutter system will fill with a sludge that prevents them from helping water move away from your roof. As water or ice sits in your gutter system, it creates a humid environment near your house, promoting the growth of mold and inviting in insects.

Gutters are high maintenance systems that require cleaning every few months and annual repair as well. Family Roofing provides full-service gutter repair and maintenance. Call today to schedule your maintenance and avoid costly damages from clogged gutters.


Roofing and carpentry are often kept separate, but at Family Roofing you get both services from one company. As expert roofing contractors, our staff can take on reconstructing and damage repair to the carpentry of your attic.

When we work on homes that have traditional pitched roofs, we take care to keep the structure o the home intact. Avoiding unnecessary removal and changing any additional supports, we know that you love your home and want to keep it as it is.

With a wealth of experience and a team of carpentry experts, we can handle your carpentry needs with confidence. If you suspect that you have interior issues developing, get help right away. Alternatively, if your roof is starting to cave, or the structures are warped, schedule time with an expert carpenter and roofer without delay.

Fascia Maintenance, Repair and Repalcement

Homeowners often forget about maintaining the fascia of their roof. Don’t worry so much about your shingles as your fascia. This wood structure holds up the entirety of your roof and protects your home from wind, and rain.

As a solid wood barrier, fascia comes with some natural concerns such as pests, rot, and mold. Mold often takes hold in the fascia first, as it’s a hotspot where moisture and heat come together.

Then as mold eating insects such as termites come in, the entire structure of the fascia falls apart. Often homeowners don’t realize the extent of the damage before full fascia replacement is necessary.

Get ahead of fascia damage and call an expert roofer out right away. As soon as you see cracking or flaking paint, get a professional involved.

Re-Roofing Services

Beautiful homes, historic districts, and even just old houses all have the same appeal. They bring something to the table that a new model home just can’t deliver. Unfortunately, that appeal will quickly diminish if you’re stacking up pots to collect water during a rainstorm from leaks.

Get a new roof without compromising the home that you love. These major projects should be planned well in advance, and our expert roofing contractors can help you schedule your re-roofing service.

With a reliable team, residential re-roofing become a team project that ends in outstanding results. Family Roofing has worked within Oconee County for over 25 years. We know the ins and outs that come with handling permits, zoning laws, and even working with HOAs.

Emergency Damage Repair

Storms rush in, and there is little that we can do to prepare. Although Oconee, SC seems like it’s miles away from the danger of hurricanes, there is no shortage of high-winds or wet weather. When a big storm comes in, you, say good-bye to your shingles and expect leaks before the next heavy rainfall.

Family Roofing takes emergency jobs seriously to assess and repair storm damage immediately. Fallen trees, utility lines, or severely damaged fascia can render a house unlivable. We help homeowners in these situations and work well with any other contractors on the job site.

A contractor will discuss your repair options with you as soon as the immediate danger is out of the way. With extensive damage, it can seem like a hassle, but dealing with your insurance company and a good roofing contractor can get you back in your home relatively quickly.

Roof Inspections

Roofing inspections are standard procedure for when you are selling a house. However, you can schedule roofing inspections for any variety of reasons. A full roofing inspection will identify all issues both those initially visible and those hidden away in your attic.

The best practice is to have an inspection done annually. That way, you can get ahead of any new issues before they cause severe damage. Family Roofing helps homeowners through the entire roofing inspection process. Set up a time that is convenient for you and help avoid costly damages.

After an inspection, you can expect a full report for damage such as corrosion from water and wind as well as shingle damage. You’ll receive notifications of any bald spots, deteriorated sealing, and leaks before you see water in your house after a bad storm.

Additionally, roof inspections take a look under the roof. Assessing attic conditions for mold or carpentry deterioration is vital. Homeowners can save thousands of dollars by making effective repairs quickly before they develop any further. You’ll also save money by scheduling the repairs during the off-season.

A roofing expert from Family Roofing will provide a completely clear and honest report of your roof’s current state. That way, you can take proactive measures. Call for an inspection now.

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Oconee country has many beautiful homes, and Family Roofing in Oconee puts a focus on maintaining homes in the area. Residential roofing covers a wide range of services, including standard maintenance, preventatives care, and reconstructive services as well.

Meet with one of our team of professional roofing contractors to discuss the options that you have available for your roof repairs. We respond immediately to emergency care situations such as storm damage and fallen trees over roofing. For all other services, we schedule our services to times that are convenient for you.

Call us today or visit our site to set up an appointment now. During your first appointment, we’ll offer a free quote for any recommended repairs. Additionally, you can schedule a formal inspection for a complete idea of what repairs you might need.

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