Residential Roofing in Pickens, SC

Residential Roofing in Pickens, SC

Pickens County is no stranger to tough weather, bright sun, blankets of snow, or hot summers. These weather conditions can cause serious damage without even trying, and Family Roofing in Pickens is here to make sure that your roof makes it through the years. Our team of roofing experts values customer service, friendliness, and honesty.

During your first appointment, we’ll discuss everything we found with your roof, recommend repairs, and explain why we believe the repairs are necessary. We are always happy to go into detail about prioritizing maintenance and repairs jobs as well.

Family Roofing in Pickens carries all necessary licenses and insurance for roofing in the state of South Carolina.

Safety Roofers In Pickens, SC

Safety is a major concern, not just for homeowners hiring roofers, but for us as well. Family Roofing takes an active role in ensuring safe work environments for our staff. Not only do we train our team to meet all OSHA expectations, but we provide that they take precautionary measures at every step.

We know the dangers that come with working in high places and with heavy equipment. Our team focuses on keeping a clean work area and being aware of their surroundings. These two simple steps can help any roofer avoid disaster. You can rest easy when you hire Family Roofing.

25 Years of Excellence

Family Roofing has been around, serving the Pickens area, for over 25 years and we will continue to stick around too. Through our two and a half decades of service, we’ve put together a strong team of expert professionals. While all of our roofers are experts, we have a variety of skillset backing up their general roofing knowledge such as carpentry skills and materials skills.

We help homeowners by helping them understand the state of their roof and make smart choices in repair. Our staff provide thorough inspections and provide a recommended repair for every issue found. We provide services ranging from shingle replacement to complete re-roofing and everything in-between.

Shingle Replacement

Replacing shingles is a standard step in homeownership, and many people often schedule inspection yearly if you can see curled, missing, or damaged shingles from the ground, then you are overdue for some help from a professional roofer.

Shingles are your roofs best protection from UV rays, wind, rain, and many other elements. Unfortunately, they blow off regularly and generally deteriorate over the years. To protect your home, replace your shingles regularly. You can schedule times for repair in months that typically have good weather for peace of mind before the next wet season hits.

As part of standard shingle replacement services, Family Roofing helps homeowners address shingle maintenance as well. Planning out proper roof cleaning and washes can help do away with mold, and mildew that can damage shingles quickly.

Call to schedule a shingle replacement service and a Family Roofing contractor will help you right away.

Gutter Upkeep

South Carolina sees a full four seasons with heavy rain, heavier snow, beautiful spring, and hot summers. For the people living in the Pickens region, that makes for a magical year. But, for your roof, it can spell disaster.

Gutters have an understated impact on your home. They should expedite getting water off of your roof. But gutters quickly become clogged, iced over and dangerous.

Through the many seasons, your winters will clog up with debris, leaves, ice, and a gross sludge that prevents them from serving their primary functions. This clogging will cause gutters to sag, bend, crack, or even dislodge from your home.

It’s dangerous on many levels because gutters can keep moisture close to your home, promoting mold growth. Additionally, they can dam up with ice and become an immediate physical danger.

Schedule your gutter upkeep and let roofing professionals take care of cleaning, prepping, and repairing your gutters.


Carpentry expert working
If you need help with residential roofing, call Family Roofing help today!

Carpentry experts often come in addition to roofing experts, but Family Roofing marries the two trades. Family Roofing keeps a strong staff of expert roofing contractors that also have a wealth of experience in carpentry.

Our teams work with homeowners all through the Pickens County area to help them repair through roofs with structural intervention. Carpentry can allow you to update and restore a roof without completely reroofing your home.

Contact us today for help in planning your carpentry needs. Family Roofing will ensure that you speak with one of the top carpentry experts in the region. With a simple consultation, you can learn more about your options and a recommended time frame for repairs.

Fascia Repair

Fascia is the wooden structure that supports your roof from the edges of your home. The fascia sits very close to both your roof and gutter system, creating an environment for pests and mold. Fascia repair is a common task that homeowners have to take on throughout the years.

The fascia is under constant strain and is the primary focus for pests and humidity. The wooden structure of the fascia offers a barrier for the joint where the attic meets the tops of the walls. Protecting the home from water and wind, be sure to watch out for common signs of fascia damage.

A roofing contractor will let you know how to spot the early signs of damage. Peeling paint cracked paint, and water leaking is the major signs. However, a roofing contractor will look for the other signs of damage as well, such as pests or poor ventilation.

Re-Roofing Services

A significant investment that can protect your home for the next 50 years if you have the right team and contractors by your side. We work diligently with Pickens county homeowners to ensure that they know exactly what to expect with their new roof.

We take these major jobs and break them down into small milestones that you can track as our team works on your home. Family Roofing only delivers excellence and guarantees top-quality work. Additionally, it’s a priority of our to ensure that you know how to maintain your new roof.

Re-roofing services often focus on “getting the job done,” but we focus on creating a lasting impact on your home. We identify what happened with your old roof and help you plan proactive maintenance to ensure your new roof lasts for even longer.

Emergency Damage Repair

Pickens County is no stranger to extreme weather. With high-winds, hurricanes and other severe storms blowing in off the South Carolina coastline, your roof will eventually take on some storm damage. Even with preventative measures, the forces of nature can leave bald spots, damaged flashing, and remove gutter systems.

Family Roofing provides around the clock emergency damage repair. We work with all variety of other contractors to ensure that your home is made safe and whole as quickly as possible. We guarantee an emergency response.

In addition to emergency response and repair we work with homeowners to ensure the full restoration or replacement of roofing when there is extensive damage. An expert roofer will work with you to plan out the restoration schedule and begin immediately. Family Roofing in Pickens often works with insurance claims and provides accurate information to companies whenever necessary.

Roof Inspections

Few families ever believe that they need a roof inspection. Family Roofing in Pickens is trying to change that perception. A roofing inspection can allow you to head off minor damage before it leads to costly repairs.

Issues such as carpentry damage, fascia damage, and more don’t happen overnight. In fact, many homeowners don’t realize that their attic is unsafe, and roof needs replacing for years. They often see an occasional leak and may even try to patch it themselves.

A roofing inspection will bring all recommended repairs to light. Not only does this inspection serve as a benchmark for home health, but it also allows the homeowner to plan any repairs or maintenance strategically.

Not every roofing inspection ends in the recommendation for reroofing. In fact, most inspections end in a proposal for maintenance or minor repair. A roofing inspection will look at all aspects of the roof from the shingles to the attic.

Family Roofing encourages homeowners to schedule a roofing inspection whenever is convenient for them. Then you can work with an expert roofer to strategize your home repairs and plan them for times that fit your needs.

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There’s nothing quite like 25 years of experience when it comes to crafts-worthy care for your home. Our expert roofing contractors aren’t just team members who work hard; they focus on excellence and crafting beautiful work.

Our staff work with safety in mind and ensure that your leaks, shingles, or flashing have a quick hand when it’s time for repairs. Schedule an appointment to meet with some of the top roofing contractors in the area today.

Pickens County is beautiful, and we want to help homeowners keep it that way. We work with homeowners to find solutions that fit their schedules and budgets. Rely on scheduled maintenance to avoid costly repairs or infestation. Or call us for emergency storm damage and we’ll be on the scene right away.

You can’t go wrong when it comes to Family Roofing. We are here to help you and want nothing more than to ensure that your home is a safe and comfortable place for you and your family.

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