Commercial Roofing Pickens, SC

Commercial Roofing Pickens, SC

Family Roofing serves the Pickens community with over 25 years of experience and expertise in all forms of roof repair and construction. We work closely with commercial property managers and business owners through the area protect their buildings. As our priority is always on safety and craftsmanship, we want to ensure that your buildings are in top condition year round. With a diverse team of Commercial Roofing Pickens experts, we can meet the demands of a wide variety of jobs.

Regardless of whether you need a complete reroofing, or if you’re looking for some simple patching, Family Roofing is the right roofing contractor for you. Don’t delay, call Family Roofing right away to connect with an expert roofer.

In addition to providing excellence in construction and patching, we can help you plan out a maintenance calendar for proactive measures. Taking a proactive approach to your commercial roof, you can take control over the lifespan of your materials and avoid costly damages.

Speak with a roofing contractor to learn more about what preventative measures you can take to avoid roof damage.

Roofing Materials

Roofing materials vary so wildly because of the significant jumps in technology over the last few years. Options such as built-up roofing, and asphalt are all available, and a roofing expert can help you decide what choices are best for you.

Family Roofing contractors help business owners and property managers decide which options are right for your needs. Talk to one of our contractors about your goals to reduce your electric bills or have a roof that lasts for 30 years.

Built-Up Roofing Options

TPO, PVC and other built=up roof materials offer energy efficiency on a level that other materials can’t deliver. Roofing materials traditionally make it difficult for property owners to keep cooling costs down.

TPO and PVC are also known as thermoplastic roofing, and they’re a contractor favorite. Contractors use these materials to layer up roofing into a structurally sound and water resistant material.


Metal roofing materials are starting to lose some of their popularity as other more energy-efficient materials become available. However, metal roofing offers the rare chance at a low-sloped or pitched roof for commercial buildings.

Initially, metal roofs gained popularity because of their useful dispersion of water. In areas such as Pickens where there are heavy rainfall and snow, metal roofing can help prevent standing water and water damage.

Asphalt and Traditional Materials

Asphalt has been the commercial property owners choice option for a long time. The use of asphalt, gravel, and tar has made for a cheap and sturdy roofing solution. Unfortunately, times have changed, and asphalt prices are skyrocketing.

Not only is asphalt no longer cheap, but it’s also gaining some notoriety for causing hot roof, which leads to poor working conditions and extra high electricity bills. Asphalt is dying out as a roofing material but it still available to those who want it.

EPDM Materials

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer or in other words, rubber roofing. Roofing from EPDM materials is extremely durable, has a long life, and comes with a ton of other benefits too.

The claim is that EPDM roofing will cut your cooling costs in the summer by about 15%. The real reason that EPDM roofing is becoming so popular though is because of how well it holds up against leaks. The entire roof has a sealant which deflects water.

Ultimately, EPDM provides a much lower risk of water damage and can last for at least 20 years.

Flat Roof Problems and Services

Flat roofing is a common choice among commercial buildings because it provides a safer environment for contractors and staff to work. Whenever you have someone working on the roof, you run the risk of an accident happening. On flat roofs, accidents are a rarity.

Additionally, flat roofs can help disperse heat, dropping electric bills, and even make better use of the buildings internal structure. Ultimately flat roofs are the best choice for commercial buildings even though they need more attention.

To schedule a full inspection and discuss the possibility of a maintenance calendar, call Family roofing today. Family Roofing has a team of expert commercial roofers who can help you understand the needs of your flat roof.

Roof Replacement

Roofer on top of a commercial building in Pickens
If you need help replacing a commercial roof, contact us today!

Replacing a commercial roof could mean complete or partial reconstruction and materials replacement. Many companies are opting to update their roofing materials to bring down energy costs and improve working conditions.

You can choose to restore or completely replace your roof with the aid of a roofing expert. Many commercial roofs will eventually wear through with age, although not every roof with a few leaks needs a full replacement.

To get help determining if roof replacement is right for your building, contact Family Roofing for an inspection and quote today.

Addressing Ponding on Flat Roofs

Flat roofs collect water, and while it seems natural, it’s not. You need to resolve to pond right away before it leads to further damage. Ponding will often cause leaks and create immediate safety risks. Finally, ponding is often behind the more expensive roof issues when it’s bad enough to leak onto inventory or heavy machinery.

Avoid paying to replace for company materials by repairing your roof before the damage happens. When you notice ponding contact Family Roofing.

Right away, you can speak with expert commercial roofing in Pickens contractors about what options you have available. In addition to repairing the damage from ponding, our staff will help you devise a plan to prevent pooling in the future.

Surface Damage

Hail, high winds, rocks, maintenance technicians, and more can call cause punctures in your roof. Punctures and cracks will eventually lead to severe water damage and blistering. So how do you protect your roof from surface damage?

Unfortunately, there is not a preventative measure that you can put into place here. The best bet is to have a regular maintenance check for punctures and cracks and then schedule immediate repairs.

Because of the materials used in commercial roofing in Pickens, it is possible to patch holes and cracks without reroofing. There are extreme cases when patching is not possible, but an expert roofing contractor will discuss the options available with you during a consultation.


Although it doesn’t require any maintenance, flashing is one of the roof aspects that you should regularly check. It provides a vital function of structural support and sealing areas from possible leaks. You will find flashing around every roof-mounted until such as an air conditioner, or skylight.

The structural support that flashing provides is so important that without it, you are at a high-risk of roof failure. Water damage near heavy units will always spell disaster.

Avoid the high cost of replacing roofing due to water damage and inspect your flashing regularly. If you notice leaks specifically near your skylights contact an expert roofer right away.

Blistering Roof Repair

Blistering roofs are just like blisters on your skin. Just under the surface is a collection of water. However, the blister on your roof isn’t trying to make anything better. In fact, it’s deteriorating your roof more each day. Blisters, also called ridges, happen when water gets between the many layers of roofing material.

You may notice blisters more during the summer months, as trapped water heats and causes more damage. With substantial heat and trapped water, your roof is going through phases of warping and rot.

Not only does blistering warn you that there is water damage present, but it’s also a sign that you probably have cracks or holes in the roofing membrane. Contact Family Roofing for a fair and free quote on repairing the blistering on your roof.

Drain Problems and Damage

Your drains often fill up with debris and can take on a thick sludge that will completely stop the water flow. As most commercial roofs are flat roofs, it’s critical that water be able to get off the roof immediately.

Clogged, broken and iced through drains need immediate attention. Not only can they lead to water damage from cracks but poorly kept drains can lead to pooling on flat roofs and even insect infestation. Be sure to get help from a quality roofing contractor the moment you realize that your drains are not working as well as they should.

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Contact Family Roofing today by phone or online to schedule a free quote. Among many repair services, you can schedule regular maintenance procedures and regular inspections as well. With over 25 years of experience working on commercial roofs, we can proudly say that we always put our customers’ needs first and provide nothing but excellence.

Whether you know your roof needs immediate attention, or want to plan for the future, our roofing experts can help you plan. Discuss your goals, budget, and time frame for repairs or maintenance with our team members.

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