Commercial Roofing Oconee, SC

Commercial Roofing Oconee, SC

Commercial roofing in Oconee serves many functions helping to reduce the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents and even to increase energy efficiency.

Our services include full restoration, puncture repair, blister repair, and even new construction. Family roofing helps all property owners and business owners in the Oconee area. You can start planning your commercial roofing services right now.

Call Family Roofing, and you can be in touch with an expert roofer right away. We will happily work with you to create a maintenance schedule, or to prioritize your repairs. Rely on Family Roofing as your personal team of expert roof contractors available when an emergency repair or regular maintenance need pops up.

We are a fully licensed and insured roofing company that always focuses on safety and excellence.

Roofing Materials

The wide variety of roofing materials allows property managers to choose what works best for them. Although traditional materials such as asphalt and gravel are losing popularity, they are still a solid choice that you can choose if it’s right for you.

Work with Family Roofing to decide what materials are right for your goals. An expert roofer can discuss which materials options can help lower cooling costs, reduce hot roof, or which options have longer lifespans.

Built-Up Roofing Options

Roofing materials PVC and TPO are commonly known as built-up roofing. These materials can’t stand on their own and rely on layered roofing to provide a structurally sound roof. Built-up roofs or thermoplastic roofing is growing in popularity as a favorite because of its energy efficiency.

TPO and alternative materials that rely on a built-up roof design to keep the entire roof cool. These roofs are generally water resistant and can withstand years of standard wear and tear.


Professional roofers mixing a metal roof
If you need help fixing a metal roof, contact us for help.

Of the many traditional materials, metal roofing dates way back into commercial property construction. However, metal roofing is losing some of its flairs as it’s known for having hot roofs, which can lead to a variety of concerns.

For those still looking to use metal roofing materials, it’s often a great choice to help keep water off of your roof. If you have a low pitched roof, metal materials can help deflect water, reducing pooling and ultimately reducing water damage.

There are cases where metal is not an option because of the structure of the building. Be sure to discuss whether the metal is a material option available to you.

Asphalt and Traditional Materials

Traditionally, commercial buildings used tar, gravel, and asphalt to cover their roofs. The combination makes for a sturdy sealant for the first few years. However, asphalt is dying out as the roofing option of choice because it ultimately has a short lifespan.

Although it holds up well through the first few years, it is very susceptible to corrosion, ponding, and surface damage. Additionally, asphalt prices continue to rise to force many property owners to choose alternative materials.

EPDM Materials

A rubber roof that deflects water and cuts your cooling costs? It’s is possible with EPDM materials, although it’s one of the roofing industries favorite materials at the moment you should discuss with a roofer whether or not it’s right for you.

EPDM materials make many claims such as reducing your cooling costs by 15% and deterring hot roof problems with electrical wear. EPDM is still a new material and saying that it does away with all hot roof problems is a little unrealistic. But, by design, it does help to disperse heat.

EPDM roofing also uses a sealant over the rubber which does help it deflect water cutting down the chances of water damage over the years.

Services We Offer

Flat roofs and low-pitched commercial roofs come with so many needs that it’s often hard to rely on one contractor for the job. Family Roofing uses a team of well-experienced roofing contractors to ensure that we can take on any job.

Handling different materials and projects of different scales, we aim to take on every commercial roofing in Oconee service possible. Our staff participates in new construction, roofing replacement, and resolving issues such as blistering or ponding.

To learn more about the needs of your roof, contact Family Roofing for a consultation, inspection, and quote.

Roof and Materials Replacement

Commercial building roofs often have a much shorter lifespan than residential roofing. But the tradeoff is that there are newer materials that are known to reduce energy costs and impact the building’s internal environment.

That is why many property owners are choosing to replace their roof for more advanced material options. You can decide to renovate your building with a new roof at any time, but it’s best if you speak with a roofing expert first.

A roof with a few leaks may not need replacing. However, a deteriorated roof may need replacing to make it through the next winter. Determining roofing replacement is not as easy as it may seem. Speak with a roofing expert to schedule a consultation.

Ponding Problems

Flat roofs come with a lot of problems, and ponding is fairly common. When water pools on your flat roof, you need to get help to resolve the problem right away. Ponding is most often seen after heavy rain. But you will likely see ponding even after a few dry weeks as well.

Ponding water can come from the pooling of debris that’s deteriorated the roof and cause it to collect water, poor drainage, and even HVAC units. As soon as you notice pooling, begin removing any debris. Debris can aggravate the situation causing further damage.

Family Roofing will work with you on a plan to repair the damage from pooling and how to prevent it in the future. Our expert roofing staff may refer you to your AC technician or suggest drainage repair as part of solving your ponding problem.

Surface Damage

The best solution for most surface damage is patchwork. It’s fairly simple, and our team knows how to work with a massive range of materials when it comes to patching. We will even weld materials when necessary.

Family Roofing’s expert contractors will explain how the damage can lead to more extensive issues in the near future and prioritize repairs as well. Punctures and cracks, the most common forms of surface damage, come from everyday things such as storms and wildlife activity.

Patch holes quickly with an expert roofer from Family Roofing in Anderson, SC.

Flashing Damage and Repair

Flashing is a vital part of the drainage system as it helps direct water from key areas of the roof. Unfortunately flashing quickly takes on the damage. It may be hard to identify where there is flashing on your roof, but we assure you that it is there.

On flat roofs flashing is usually set around large appliances or mounted equipment such as air conditioning units.

Flashing is the intersection of rubber and metal that adds support over the transition from one material to another. More than anything else flashing provides a crucial bit of structural integrity and prevents leaks.

Blistering Roof Repair

Commercial roofing in Oconee uses many layers of different material to create restrictive barriers that should hold up to the elements of South Carolina weather. But unlike homes, commercial buildings don’t use shingles to deflect water and sunlight so. Commercial roofs do take on more damage.

Blisters are among the most common damage symptoms, as the issue isn’t the blister itself. Underneath the blister is a pool of water that is breaking down the core roofing material. It’s unfortunate but many property owners write-off a blister as a cosmetic issue.

Repairing a blister is not purely for looks. One of our expert roofers will be happy to explain how we repair the underlying water damage and patch the area.

Drain Damage and Extensive Effects

Your drains can often become backed up with sludge or debris as well also causing damage. The best way to prevent damage from cracks and insect infestation is to have your drains regularly serviced. Cleaning your entire system from debris and sludge should be part of quarterly maintenance.

Family Roofing can help you schedule regular checks for your drainage system and repair the extensive damage that comes from broken or clogged pipes.

Schedule Your Roof Repair with an Expert

Commercial roof repairs can’t be put on the back burner. If your roof has storm damage or has just worn through years of use, you need an expert on the scene right away. Uncorrected damage can lead to much more costly expenses such as replacing water-damaged equipment.

Avoid damaged equipment, and unnecessary slip-and-falls by correcting leaking roofs before they cause problems. Schedule a consultation, or quote with the best roofing team in Oconee.

We’ve proudly served Oconee county for over 25 years and will continue to help the business owners that support our community. You can be sure that Family Roofing will provide nothing short of outstanding craftsmanship.

Plan through regular maintenance schedules, schedule formal inspections months ahead of time or call Family Roofing for emergency repair. Call the offices of Family Roofing for a quote on any commercial roofing need.

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