Anderson, SC Residential Roofing

Anderson, SC Residential Roofing

Family Roofing helps homeowners throughout Anderson, SC, and the surrounding area with their residential roofing needs. We aim to help create safe home environments and reduce the worry that comes with the storms, weather and general wear in South Carolina.

We ensure complete satisfaction on every project, offer free quotes, and include the homeowners through each step of the process. With over twenty years in experience, we can take on any job from carpentry repairs to full-scale roof replacements. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

Experienced, Licensed, and Insured

A damaged roof is shown. Anderson Roofing does residential roofing repairs.
If your roof looks like this, you need Anderson Roofing. Call today to get a free estimate.

When it comes to finding the right contractor for any job you want to ensure proper licensure, insurance, and experience. Family Roofing carries all the necessary licenses and insurance that the state of South Carolina requires. Our goal is to guarantee every homeowner the security of knowing that we can cover any accident.

While we carry the proper licenses and insurance, we pride ourselves on keeping accidents to a minimum with an outstanding focus on safety. Our staff work with utmost diligence in regard to working environments, tools and OSHA best practices. We know that the best way to guarantee safety and a job well done is by working carefully.

Our awareness of safety has come through our many years of experience. With 25 years of professional roofing experience, we know what does, and what does not work on a job site. Our staff follow established procedures and put their own expertise to work as well.

Roof Repairs and Replacements

Shingle repair, to complete re-roofing we offer a massive variety of services. Family Roofing has served the community of Anderson, SC for years. We know that roofing in Anderson isn’t the essential maintenance that roofing is through other parts of the country.

We address damage from storms, humidity, and years of weather damage. Call Family Roofing now for any concern you have when it comes to a necessary roof repair.

We offer:

  • Complete re-roofing
  • Expert flashing
  • Shingle repair
  • Roof or carpentry repairs

Additionally, we work with insurance companies and offer free estimates. Regardless of what repair your home needs, you will always get top-notch quality. When handling roofing repairs, Family Roofing provides the best, quality-assured, construction tactics. We deliver outstanding reliability, and performance.

To help every homeowner possible, our staff begin every job with an inspection, then provide a free estimate. This process allows homeowners to understand the damage, and the options available for repair or replacement.

Common Signs That A Home Needs Roof Repair

There are a few common factors that we have learned over the years that indicate a roof needs repair. While homeowners will often see leaking, you can regularly check your roof for less obvious signs.

Water and moisture are red flags and can lead to extensive leaking into the home. These often come from damaged flashing, broken shingles or damaged roof vents. When it comes to water seepage and moisture there is little time to spare, call a professional right away.

If you’ve noticed that the roof is blistering, or that there is clear damage to the shingles, the roof needs repair. A blistering roof is a sign of trapped moisture that can lead to mold, mildew, and rot. Damaged shingles such as a cracked or missing shingles are signs of general deterioration.

Our experts can help you decide which repairs are your top priority after conducting an inspection of your roof. Find out what the damage you’ve noticed means for your home. Additionally, there are many opportunities for addressing a needed repair. Often our staff will strive to provide you with a number of solutions so you can plan, schedule and budget according to what suits you best.

Expert flashing

South Carolina storms can rush in unexpectedly and wreak havoc. Flashing will help your roof hold up through years of stormy weather. As a preventative measure, flashing is put into most newer homes.

Older homes may require the installment of flashing, and there are still times when flashing needs some general maintenance. What flashing does is help direct water flow. An exceptionally important feature for shingled roofs.

Only professionals should install, repair, or maintain flashing because of its vital function. Contact the best roofing contractors in Anderson, SC for help with your flashing. We work with both metal and plastic materials so you can have what works best for your home.

Roof or carpentry repairs

Clogged gutters, deteriorated pipe boots, and rotted fascia are all common residential roofing problems. Given the humidity and extreme weather of Anderson, you should expect to have some necessary roofing repairs.

When it comes to gutters or downspouts, contact a professional before these minor issues cause major damage. A clogged gutter can be full of a sludge that weights down the entire system. Additionally clogged or iced over gutters can lead to fascia mold and even invite in termites!

Pipe boots are another concern that many homeowners let slide. Too often deteriorated pipe boots lead to leaks that damage the internal carpentry of the roof. Don’t let these repairs go undone; it only seems like a “minor leak”, but these type issues are rarely “minor”. If you notice leaking within your roof, it can quickly become a major issue.

When it comes to rotted fascia or carpentry repairs you’ll want to have a professional roofing contractor inspect the damage before deciding to make any repairs. There is the opportunity to replace only the damaged portions of the roof. To evaluate the possibility of repairs you need a contractor to assess the quality of the remaining wood, and structure.

When To Consider a Roof Replacement

Roofers doing a full residential roofing replacement.

Replacing a roof or re-roofing is a serious matter for homeowners. It can lead to a team of roofers working on your home for days or even weeks depending on the size of the home. Additionally, the project must work around some aspects of the weather.

If a homeowner happens to hire the wrong contractor who doesn’t know how to handle all the elements of re-roofing, they lose their entire investment. What’s worse is that roof damage can lead to significant problems within the home too.

Before you decide to replace your roof, consider these aspects:

  • Are repairs an option?
  • How old is your roof?
  • What is the state of your shingles?
  • Do you have dark streaks?

To address the above considerations, if repairs are an option, you almost always want to opt for that choice. Repairs will always be more affordable, but a repair can also keep your roof in good condition for many years to come.

Additionally, if your roof is less than 20 years old, you probably don’t need to replace it. If your roof has not had significant storm or infestation damage, it should last you at least 20 years.

When evaluating your shingles look for signs of curling, cracking, and bald spots. These warning signs show what might be underlying problems that need correction.

Finally, let’s address dark streaks. Because Anderson, SC is in a moist but also a warm region and gets plenty of sunlight, it’s probably moss. Dark streaks are the sign of algae and are what initially sparks the interest of termites. You can clean and remove algae without re-roofing, but, if it is not caught early, sometimes the interior is too far gone.

Storm Preparation

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and very wet climates all fit into South Carolina. Every homeowner in Anderson knows that storm preparation is a must, but what about protecting their roof?

You can help guard your home against storm damage, including directing rainfall with flashing. Call a professional residential roofing contractor from Family Roofing in Anderson, SC to help you prevent storm damage.

Flashing repair, replacement, and installation is where most people start storm preparations. Afterward, homeowners should turn their attention to their gutter systems. A heated gutter system can help reduce the chances of ice dams. Other gutter tools such as grates or screens can help keep water flowing without clogs.

Storm Damage

After the storm hits, there is always the chance of significant damage. Even if you were able to keep water off your roof, there’s no guarantee that foreign objects such as trees or power lines didn’t fall near your home.

In these cases, Family Roofing offers storm damage repair services for homeowners including soffit and fascia repair. For extensive damage, our expert roofers can manage the construction of repairing a roof’s frame. There are always options to help your home recover from a recent storm, no matter how extensive the damage may be.

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Family Roofing in Anderson, SC takes on every job with a commitment to excellence. As a full-service residential roofing contractor, we take pride in helping homeowners throughout our community. Our team works with careful attention to detail and safety on every job site.

We take on jobs for shingle roofs, shingle repairs, expert flashing services, carpentry repairs, and complete re-roofing. Our staff has years of experience working with roofing construction, and Family Roofing has served the Anderson community for 25 years. With a wealth of experience and fully licensed and insured staff, you won’t find a better roofing option.

If you are concerned about roof damage of any kind, contact Family Roofing today to schedule an inspection or free estimate. Have a professional, experienced, and licensed roofing contractor out to your home to identify preventative measures, regular maintenance needs, or decide which repairs are a top priority. We always work with extreme transparency and the best interest of the homeowner in mind. Call today to start the process of ensuring your greatest investment is protected.

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