Anderson, SC Commercial Roofing

Anderson, SC Commercial Roofing

Working with property owner and managers, Family Roofing offers expansive commercial roofing services. Our team of expert roofing contractors understands the fundamentals of commercial roofing techniques, while also staying up to date on the newest strategies and materials. Additionally, we strive to provide any property manager with a variety of resolution options to any problems.

With 25 years of experience and a dedication to the Anderson community, Family Roofing is the best option for commercial roofing in Anderson, SC. If your business or property is experiencing any roofing issues, or you just want to have it evaluated, call Family Roofing today for your risk-free quote.

Roof Repairs

Roofing problems can derail any companies day-to-day operations. As commercial style or flat roofs are more susceptible to damage that leads to leaks it’s critical to have a good roofer. Anderson, SC is no stranger to extreme weather or storms either. Leaks, ponding, surface erosion, and storm damage can shut down a business for days or even weeks during repairs.

Schedule your repairs right away, or call out one of Family Roofing’s inspectors to assess what your roof needs now. Whether you’re just starting to notice ceiling stains, or there is obviously compromise in the structure of the building, a professional roofer is a solution.

A leaking roof shown from inside as water runs down into the building.
A leaking roof can cause major problems for a commercial business. Contact Family Roofing today if its raining inside your business!

Our services include:

  • Commercial roof leaks
  • Resolving ponding problems
  • Correcting surface erosion
  • Remedying installation or maintenance issues

Family Roofing handles any commercial roofing problem in Anderson and the surrounding regions.


A leaking roof can seriously impact your business and your staff. Unfortunately, commercial roofs are more susceptible to leaking because of how they are built. Then when you factor in the SC weather such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy rain, it’s a recipe for disaster.

The primary factors that lead to leaks, not only include extreme weather, but other, more mild factors. Changing temperatures can cause the roofing material to expand, and contract leading to cracks and leaks.

If you notice leaking, or ceiling stains, there is likely already a substantial amount of damage. Flat roof buildings often have problems letting off water and stagnant water can compromise the entire roof.

Businesses must fix leaks immediately. Not only do they compromise the structural integrity of the building, but they put employees or customers at risk of slip-and-fall injuries. Leaks can also ruin equipment, deplete inventory, and more.


Even with metal roofing materials or waterproof coatings, ponding can cause a lot of damage. After a heavy snowfall, or large volume or rain you may notice that you get small pools of water on your building’s roof.

Commercial property owners are all too familiar with the effects of ponding. Aside from the cosmetic damage, there are functional problems as well. If the metal caves, or the roofing material warps, water will continue to pool over time.

Eventually, there won’t be a pond, there will be a gaping hole in the roof where heavy ice and water weight has damaged the surrounding structure.

With ponding, there are instances that roof replacement is more cost-effective than repairs. When a roof has severe damage or shows signs that the damage will continue to accumulate, re-roofing can be necessary.

A professional roofing contractor can help you understand what options are available based on the extent of the damage. Call out an expert in commercial roofing from Family Roofing for a free quote.

Surface Erosion

Single-ply roofs are known to split, blister and more. If you have a single-ply roof, you should have a contractor inspect it regularly. Most often a commercial roof that is experiencing surface erosion regularly may need re-roofing.

Discuss your option in managing the building’s roof if your property has surface erosion.

Installation and Maintenance Problems

Too often builders are in a hurry to get a job done. Then after only a few years, the building’s roof begins to have problems. Not only does a poor roofing job cause problems for the roof it can cause problems for other contractors.

When it comes to hiring maintenance technicians or contractors for regularly schedule property repair, your roof can lead to some hefty fees. It’s important to note that proper installation can also save you repair people time later.

If you suspect that there are problems from the installation of your property’s roof, call a professional, expert, roofing contractor now.

Additional Repairs

As well as addressing the more pressing problems that impact businesses, Family Roofing helps property owners in other ways. Correcting leaky skylights, ceiling stains and ice damming are all available services.

If you’ve already had the underlying issue corrected you can still contact Family Roofing. In addition to making aesthetic adjustments such as getting rid of ceiling stains, they will assess the work of the last roofer. It’s common for businesses to call out a contractor and end up with more frustration than anything else. Family Roofing guarantees satisfaction.

A damaged commercial roof. Family roofing provides complete commercial roofing services.

Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance

Although there are the occasional pitched roof commercial buildings, most have flat roofs. As any property manager knows, flat roofs in Anderson, SC have a host of problems. Because there is little to help drain water off of flat roofs, they often get mold, algae, ponding, and leaks. Not to mention the host of problems these issues can cause for electricians, and HVAC technicians.

Flat roof repair and maintenance almost always need regular attention from a professional roofer. Commercial roofing often refers to flat roofing, and it’s not just the lack of pitch that can lead to significant issues. There’s also the matter of working with alternative materials.

Special types of materials for flat roofs can help prevent leaks or make it easier to conduct electrical maintenance. Other materials, or cheaper materials, can make repairs even more difficult.

Family Roofing has been around long enough to see many trends in commercial buildings go through the Anderson, SC area. The fully licensed and insured staff bring their personal expertise onto every job site, with years of that experience in commercial buildings.

An expert roofing contractor from Family Roofing can help any property manager make decisions on how to help the roof shed water. Taking on the biggest issue first can help mitigate or reduce the effects of other problems that will arise over the years with a flat roof.

Commercial Roofing Materials and Installation

When it comes to new construction, there is no one better in the Anderson area. Call Family Roofing for your upcoming construction project. Our team of expert roofing contractors can ensure your satisfaction and a job well done.

Family roofing installs, repairs, and maintaining roofs with the most advanced equipment, up to date industry knowledge and time tested techniques.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

As one of the most requested materials today, we offer Thermoplastic roofing to help improve efficiency. Not only does Thermoplastic roofing, or TPO, offer limited temperature flexibility, but the material is also ultraviolet resistant.

TPO was found to have a lifespan of over 20 years. It holds up exceptionally well against fires, high winds, chemicals, and punctures. Many property owners are choosing TPO when re-roofing their commercial properties.

EPDM Roofing

Unbelievable durability on top of being an exceptionally durable material. EPDM roofing is not as popular as TPO, but Family Roofing is familiar with the material. Typically commercial property owners choose EPDM because of how easy it is to repair over the years.

Traditional Materials

Through the many years of experience servicing commercial properties the contractors at Family Roofing have become experts with traditional materials. Before TPO, and EPDM roofing, commercial buildings used coal tar, asphalt, bitumen, or gravel.

A good contractor should know how to return to these materials whenever necessary. If you’re looking to keep your old roof in pristine condition, work with a roofing contractor that knows these materials. Additionally, if you prefer these materials to the newer options, you need a well-experienced company working on your property.

Metal, falling right between traditional materials and the new single-ply membrane materials, is another option. Often property managers turn to the metal in an effort to direct water and give the roof some sort of slope.

Discuss what materials are your best option with a roofing contractor in Anderson, SC today. Calling Family Roofing will connect you with a well-established business that caters to the Anderson region. Their staff of exceptional roofing contractors always guarantee satisfaction!

Contact the Best Roofing Contractors in Anderson, SC

Family Roofing has a team of expert roofing contractors waiting to take on the next commercial job. The entire staff is fully licensed and insured. What set’s Family Roofing apart from the other options in Anderson, SC is the level of experience.

With over 25 years of experience in commercial roofing, you won’t find another contractor with greater expertise. Our staff has hands-on knowledge of working with a massive variety of roofing materials. Additionally, they pair their skillsets with the most advanced techniques to give you the best roof possible.

For exceptional workmanship, and guaranteed satisfaction, you need to call Family Roofing. Family Roofing can dispatch an expert roofing contractor to evaluate your commercial building and provide a quote.

Appointments are easy to schedule and include a free evaluation. For emergency services such as storm damage, our roofing contractors are always available. Contact us now for repairs, new construction, re-roofing or any other roofing needs.

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